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WhatsApp Riddle - please help?

+6 votes

Help . it is kind of a riddle. please help?


Dimag lagao
Gyan badhao.
Ek LADKI ne Apna naam ENGLISH me bataya
<cream cream mix fruit>
Uska naam HINDI me
kya hoga?
Whatsapp EXPERT ho to Answer Do.
Bolo bolo....
asked Jan 5, 2014 in Entertainment & Music by sun (180 points)

14 Answers

0 votes
Malaika Mishra
answered Jan 5, 2014 by Malik Sahab
0 votes
how...plz explan
answered Feb 3, 2014 by anonymous
cream in hindi - Malai
mix in hindi - Mishra
0aur fruit ka kya hua ????
fruit - mishra fal
ans is : malai malai mishrit phal
tric just to convrt frm english to hindi.. so easy...hahhahahahhah
0 votes
answered Feb 6, 2014 by VIRAJ
0 votes
malai malai mishran phal
answered Feb 7, 2014 by bhavesh zala
+1 vote
I think the name will remain same whether its in hindi or english
answered Feb 7, 2014 by Nayana
its is only 4 a FUN :)
0 votes
answered Feb 19, 2014 by Rakesh
0 votes

Malaika Mishra Berry

answered Feb 21, 2014 by anonymous
+1 vote
the names doesnt change, language doesn't matter
anand will be anand in english
and anand in hindi
answered Feb 22, 2014 by ANAND
0 votes

ans is : malai malai mishrit phal
tric just to convrt frm english to hindi.. so easy...hahhahahahhah

answered Feb 23, 2014 by anoop
0 votes

cream cream mix fruit

answered Feb 24, 2014 by india2014 (150 points)

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